1500 troops sending to Border

Trump said that he would send maximum troops at the border

Defense department has announced almost triple to 5200 to serve in Iraq. The president on Wednesday said that they would nearly go to between 10 to 15000 military personnel which would be on the top of ICE, border patrol while everyone else would remain at the border. No one would really get in. according to the statement given by Mr. trump, he is going to send almost 15000 troops or even more to the United States border and triple to 5200 was recently announced by the defense department and the other near to triple would be there to serve in Iraq.

Florida & Donald J Trump

Before he could depart for the campaign rally in Florida, Trump spoke to the reporters in the white house’s south lawn and she said that he is now not fear-mongering by the military forces for the dissuading of the members of caravan migrants to try to stop them from coming to the United States. He in the statement which he gave said that they are going to involve even more than 15000 troops who would be at the border top, ICE and the left would be on the border and there would be no one to come in the U.S by crossing the border.

He said that this topic about the Customs and Immigration enforcement agency is really a dangerous and a big topic to talk about. It was also claimed by Donald Trump that the population of the caravan migrants is almost twice or thrice than the calculations which were estimated by the Department of Homeland security in year 2014.  He said that in U.S still there are almost 30 million illegally and allowing more into the country would be very dangerous.

He said that he really wants that the people come in U.S but the way they would opt to come should be legal and merit based. The estimates which were made by the homeland security department in the year 2014 was about 12.1 million about the undocumented US immigrants. These estimates are from the most recent year they have been estimated.  Last month another study was conducted, the Yale study according to which there would be about 22 million immigrants in America which is almost the double to the figures which was estimated in 2014. After one week of this, a democratic activist, George Soros one among a lot mail bombs that was intentionally sent by one of the trump’s supporters. Soros is the one who is right now funding for the migrant’s caravan.




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