Trump UK Visit July

Trump’s mother was a Scottish, maybe that is why he has always expressed how much he admires Scotland and also been a regular visitor to the country, but this time, things were a bit different. He is now the US leader, and it was his first visit after becoming the Prime Minister of the US.

  1. Trump’s visit to Scotland

Trump is in Scotland for a private visit with his family. He was welcomed by the Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell. Trump and the first Minister Nicola Strugeon did not meet but on Saturday, at a gay pride event she told BBC ”If the opportunity arises to meet the president I will do that and I’m sure if the opportunity arises in the future we will have lots to talk about, including the close and very important links between our two countries.

“In democracies, it’s also important to be able to focus also on where we perhaps disagree, and lots of people disagree with the policies of the Trump administration.”

During his visit to Turnberry resort situated on the Ayrshire coast, he was enjoying a game of golf on the Saturday afternoon when demonstrators gathered at the boundaries of the Turnberry complex and started booeing at him. Also it is estimated that about 9,000 angry protestors walked from the Scottish Parliament to the Meadows for a ”carnival of resistance”. The event also featured the giant Trump baby balloon which was banned from both Turnberry and Holyrood.

  1. More protests and chaos

Organizers claim that up to 250,000 people protested in London on Friday in opposition of Trump’s UK visit.

The UK government’s International Trade Secretary Liam Fox shared his view on how he thinks the anti-Trump campaigners were ”an embarrassment for themselves” while talking to BBC. He also added that this ” did not reflect the genuine good manners and hospitality of the British people”.

Besides the protestors, there were supporters of Mr. Trump campaigning ”Welcome Trumpand Free Tommy Robinson” in London. The Met police claim that there were conflicts during the processions and 12 people were arrested as a result of public order offenses.

Trump will depart on Sunday to Finland where he has to conduct a meeting with the Russian leader Putin the following day.

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