​Gordon Ramsay

There was recently a story posted in news. The story was about a teenager who has dwarfism. That teenager is Louis Makepeace who is a dwarf and he is recently been rejected from a cooking show in his college. He was rejected because of his short height. The college rejected to offer him that cooking course as he has short height and this could be potentially risky for health and is also not safe. Louise Makepeace claims that he had been rejected because of his dwarfism. Louise Makepeace is 18 years of age and his height is 3ft 10inch. He claims that he was offered for the job of catering and hospitality at the Heart of Worcestershire College but after the offer, the bosses and the upper management of the college changed their decision and they said that giving this job to a dwarf would put the college at safety risk and that would be a disruption to the other candidates who have applied for the post and the rest 14 who would be his co-workers.

But now this whole scenario has reached to the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay who has stood now for Louise. Not only this, he has also called the behavior of college management as ‘disgusting’. He promised that on one day he will be offering the young boy an apprenticeship. But the thing worth noting is that Gord has not actually offered Louise apprenticeship but has just promised that he would. This is somehow a hypothetical act at the stage.

Several people tweeted about this statement of Gord, one man tweeted that do and make Louise the chef. He wrote that Louise will do great as a chef as he is passionate for this field. His tweet showed his hope that Louise will one day becomes a great chef.  Another person said on this situation that ends this imaginary story. He said that he feels that young Louise has got full determination and motivation to perform well in the field of cooking.

The young boy Louise is short heighted and the dwarfism which he is having is of special kind called as achondroplasia. Louise says that he had never faced any problem due to his dwarfism until now. He says that he used to be very confident in his school life and his disability never became an issue for him. Louise had many friends in school.


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