UK Heatwave

A warning was distributed against the heat health by the Met office, and people were requested to ‘stay out of the sun’ during most of the going week.

It was reported that the ‘level 3 known as amber alert’ is expected until the 09:00 BST on Friday for mostly the east and the south-east part of England.

Santon Downham Suffolk came up with the hottest day recorder of the year, the temperature reached 33.3 Celsius on Friday.

The national farmer unions have warned that the crops are dehydrated with heat and the livestock community is using the winter stock of rations.

This amber alert is normally distributed when the temperature reaches to hit 30 Celsius in the daytime and 15 Celsius during the night for two consecutive days and above.

The Met office reported that the affected area can show the humidity level up to 90%. They also reported that it is the third time that England has been reported for amber alert this year.

This alert is different than the other severe warnings issued for snow, rain etc.

The heat health watch service works along the public health in England to keep the health professionals and the social care workers to stay updated and prepared to help people stay safe during such conditions.

Met office spokesperson say that they advise the people to take special care in sun, most importantly during the times when the temperature is expected to reach 30 Celsius and above during the week, either people must stay out of heat and sun or be more careful and avoid going out during the time when the heat is strongest mostly between 11 am to 3 pm

Usual precautions like covering up, using a sunscreen, staying hydrated etc must be taken during the sunny hours.

Heat waves aren’t new to the UK.  This year is said to be less hot than the years before comparatively, so far. But the planet has gone through major changes due to global warming and the temperature is rising continuously year after the year. The effects of greenhouse gases are now coming to light and as a result, multiple heat waves are affecting the different part of the globe. While the UK is facing the heat wave situation, the Scandinavia is stunningly warm these days, even in the arctic circle and Japan, many people have been reported dead due to heat stroke.


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