Mike Pompeo and Kim Yong chol handshake

The US after the sophisticated talks has been accused by North Korea for using the ‘gangster-like’ strategies to push North Korea to make disarmament.

7th. July, 2018: North Korea has called the US attitude at the talk as ‘extremely troubling’

The foreign ministry officer of North Korea has given a completely different statement than the US secretary of state ‘mike Pompeo’.

Mike Pompeo acclaimed that during his two days stay at Pyongyang, he has made much progress.

It was his first visit at North Korea ever since the Donald Trump and Kim Jong meeting in Singapore.

The meeting between the leaders came to end with a commitment from Mr. Kim to make efforts towards the denuclearization; however, the details regarding how this denuclearization will be done are still unknown.

Mr. Pompeo visiting North Korea

The main purpose of Mr. Pompeo visiting North Korea was to secure the promise of disarmament by North Korea.

The KCNA news agency gathered the viewpoints of North Korea on this matter and found that North Korea believes that in this matter the US has gone much against the reason of the meeting by bringing in the one-sided pressure on our country to get rid of the nuclear weapons.

North korea anticipated that the US will come up with this demand only if they had some good offer to give in return, but the US has gone against the expectations.

Mike Pompeo and Kim Yong chol handshake

A great deal of Progress

At the meeting, Mr. Pompeo was able to see Kim Yong chol the right man of Mr. Kim.

During his valuation Mr. Pompeo said that they have been able to discuss the disarmament’ timeline, also they have discussed the devastating the missile engine testing facility.

Mr. Pompeo also said that these issues are very fragile but however they have been able to make aa great deal of progress regarding the main issues and still there are some issues which still needs to be worked on.

After the meeting in Singapore, the US offered security guarantees to North Korea and made a commitment to terminate the military actions against North Korea. Mr. Trump on the summit claimed that North Korea is free from nuclear threats possession from the US.

However, the sanctions for North Korea have been renewed, though the officials from US intelligence claimed that they have proof about North Korea’s action for upgrading the nuclear and missiles program’s infrastructure.

The state department spokesperson told that Mr. Pompeo has been very clear about working on denuclearization, and committed a security assurance, also he brought up US’s demand to return any remaining US service personnel by North Korea.

Mr. Pompeo the US secretary of state is scheduled to see Japan’s foreign minister and South Korea’s in Tokyo.

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