USA stops 300m Aid To Pakistan For Security

Due to the failure of Islamabad in the actions against the militant groups, the US military says that it is now cancelling the aid of $300m which the US was supposed to give to Pakistan. Recently Donald Trump, the president of US has accused Pakistan. He said that Pakistan has cheated US while it was receiving billions of dollars. The spokesman of Pentagon, Lt Col Kone Faulkner said that the US military has canceled the aid for Pakistan and now it will spend that money in more urgent and important activities. The states department of US has made a lot of criticisms on Pakistan. These criticisms involve the failures to deal with terrorist networks which include the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani Network.

Col Faulkner’ Statement on Pakistan Aid

On Saturday, Col Faulkner gave a statement in which he said that the US will continue to push the Pakistan to arbitrarily target each and every terrorist group. He said that the $300 aid will be now cancelled and will be used in some other important tasks as Pakistan has failed in tackling the issues and it has lack of decisive actions. The Secretary of State of US, Mike Pompeo is due to visit Pakistan to meet the new Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. This announcement came just a few days before this visit was planned.

Why Pakistan Security Aid is Cut by US?

Not only this, the government of US has also announced in US that it was cutting all the aid which it used to give to Pakistan for the security aid. This announcement was made in January.

The US and some other countries have detailed complaints from Pakistan. According to these detailed complaints, Pakistan supports different terrorist groups and it provides safety to them. According to the complaints, Pakistan provides the ways to these terrorists to do cross border attacks on Afghanistan and Islamabad denies from all these allegations. When the latest funding was cut from the US, Pakistan gave no response over it.

Suspension of Aid by USA

However there was response by the military to the January’s suspension and the response stated that Pakistan never had a fight for money yet it fights for peace and Pakistan has targeted all the militants at a heavy cost of their treasure and blood. Pakistan has always been accused that it supports different terrorist activities and especially the Taliban group to save its interests in the foreign policies but Pakistan denies this.

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