Father-of-seven Utah mayor is killed in ‘insider attack’ in Afghanistan

As a member of the state’s National Guard, a member of Utah town was deployed in Afghanistan and he has recently been killed in the insider attack. The interview has been given by the military. An attack was perpetrated by the afghan national defense member and the security forces for the mayor of north odgen, Brent Taylor and he was killed in the attack that happened in the capital of Kabul. There has been a continuous fight in between the western counties along with United States against the ANSF that is being done as an effort so they could assert the control of Government over Afghanistan. Some of the friends of Taylor Family confirmed that he is dead. His wife and his 7 seven children are survived.

Donald Trump Military Troops

In January, he was also sent to Afghanistan for increasing Donald Trump’s troops. He posted a photo on facebook on 17th October.  On 18th September, taylor made a facebook post where he wrote that his rockstar wife was really a superstar and she has birthed and raised their 7 seven children very well. He said that he is proud of her because of all of her efforts which she had made even after total five years of separation that they had because he served in military.

Nato news about Utah Mayor Getting Killed in Afghanistan

According to the statement which the U. S service member gave, there is another man who has been given the treatment for the wounds he had in that attack which happened on Saturday in Kabul. The spokeswomen from the NATO shows that the attacker was from the security forces belonging to Afghanistan and according to the reports that have been published till now after that attack, the assailant was immediately murdered by some other forces who belonged to Afghanistan. The General Maj. Gen Jefferson gave a statement in which she said that she is sad for the loss and her heart is breaking for the sacrifices given by the brave soldiers especially those which he had given for the sake of his family. The statement involved wishes for their future comfort and strength for the family of the victim.  A facebook post was also done by the lieutenant governer of Utah, stating that they had lost a true hero and a person who no doubt was the best in the state. He said that they should rally for his family in their tough time.


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