Victoria Secret Models

This December 2nd, on Sunday, the Victoria’s street fashion show is now going to be aired that was actually filmed in the New York City on 8th November.

This show which soon to be aired is going to feature a squad of gorgeous women who would represent an unrealistic and very specific beauty and the ideal of beauty.  There would certainly be the lack of diversity in bodies which has always been a tradition on the annual basis and this now the 24th edition of the show.

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show is on its commitment that it would remain to the unattainable body types since the year 1995 and this year it is going to call from the high profile model so that it could broaden the standard of beauty of the show. Despite that, there had been 10,000 signatures for the petition so that they could boycott the occasion that always occur yearly. This is all despite of the backlash widespread to Ed Razek who is the chief marketing officer.

His tasteless comments show defend for the failure of show that is to cast the transgender and the plus-size women. There was a statement in which a message was send to the Victoria secret team and Razek that that showed that they don’t want to allow the plus-size model in the show.

There were a lot of designers who had shown up at fashion week and beyond that they patted themselves on back which also included one plus-size, one transgender and one older to run on the runways.


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