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London. 24th. June, 2018: Having normal weight is the wish of almost everyone today. Being fat and overweight leads a person to so many medical problems like diabetes, heart attack, Stroke and high blood pressure etc. to stay fit and healthy, one must be having a normal weight and if you are overweight then you following these 10 tips will help you in losing your weight.

1- Lift weights

Most of the women think that if they will lift weights, they’ll become fatter and bulky. But this thought is wrong and weight lifting could really help women in losing their weight. It will help in changing your appearance and would also make you muscular. This training is called resistance training and is effective for every woman who wants to lose her weight.

2- Increase drinking water

As water is free from calories, it doesn’t make you fat and also helps your body in having a lot of benefits which help in losing weight too. If you are feeling hungry, drink some water because sometimes you are confused between hunger and thirst you really want to lose weight then replace all the sodas, drinks and juices with water as these drinks contain a lot of calories.

3- Eat less

If you are out for eating in restraint and they mostly offer large portions of food. Try eating less, so that you could intake minimum calories and it will reduce your chances of gaining weight. Share your food with your friends or family, it will also divide the number of calories present in the meal and will also help you in losing weight.

4- Workout

Start doing workout; it would be good if you find a person to workout with. Start with small exercises and then move to the bigger ones. Exercising daily will let you lose more weight.

5- Use plates that are smaller

Using small plates will let you have less food than you were having before and this is how your calories intake would also be less.

6- Don’t eat in comparison of others

You’ve got your own body type and structure and eating in comparison of others would spoil the structure and shape of your body. If someone is having more food and is not gaining weight then it depends on his body structure. But you are only supposed to eat the type and quantity of food which suits your body.

7- Reduce Calories

Try reducing calories in the foods you like by simply changing the recipes a bit. This will help you to enjoy your favorite food with fewer intakes of calories.

8- Keep a record of what you eat

Once you start focusing on losing weight, start noting down the things what you eat along with the timing you eat it on and also the number of calories this food have. It will help you in maintaining weight.

9- Don’t starve

Eat, but eat less. Don’t completely stop eating otherwise you could have serious medical issues.

10- Bump up incidental exercises

It’s not necessary that you go to gym and then have some exercise. Only some small movements could help you in losing weight like using stairs instead of a lift etc.

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