Man eating raw steak with blood dripping

Participants of vegan festival pissed by a man eating raw steak dripping with blood

There are instances when we don’t agree with the way other people want to live their lives. But this carnivore protestor decided to piss individuals off by taking raw steak outside a vegan festival and eating it in front of vegetarians. Oh wait! Did I mentioned that the blood was literally dripping from that piece?

The event occurred in Amsterdam where a pony-tailed man came with the steak in hand, wearing a vest with words ‘go vegan and die’ printed on it.

The vegans felt disgusted due to his actions as he saw him while lined up to enter the festival. Some actually complained to the policeman standing nearby.

The footage can be seen, recorded by a witness, that shows the guy chewing the meet casually while standing outside the festival’s entrance as the vegans were complaining to policeman about his actions.

A woman can be seen crying and shocked as she murmured ‘he is just eating it’ which was obviously what was going on.

The Vegan Food Festival spokesman came up with the statement that it is not forbidden to eat raw meat. However, what was shocking was the fact that the blood was dripping and fat can be seen right along that piece of steak. Apart from that, there are several elderly people and young lads who were a part of festival which makes it a little unbearable. He explained further that the individuals who were a part of the festival were not necessarily the ‘extreme vegans.’

However, it all led to disturbance and irritation, which was apparently the reason why that man was standing there and eating raw steak. Definitely a way to make a point but what exactly he was trying to state?

The person was soon joined by an assistant and a cameraman. His name and identity is still unknown and he left the site after standing there and doing his work for around an hour.

The spokesperson further stated that the individual was not looking to leave because it is not forbidden by any means to stand outside a festival arena. However, the protest was pretty weird as the festival is an event for sharing happiness and cherishing the moments together.

More police officers were called to the site but no arrests were made.

A similar incident occurred in Leeds around a week ago when a butcher waved meat at the vegan protesters.

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