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What Do You Feed Deer in the Summer

What Do You Feed Deer in the Summer?

Proper supplements are necessary for the survival of the fawns. Malnutrition may lead to weight loss, disease exposure, increased mortality rate, and poor conception rate. A little negligence in the supplements can induce severe growth effects to the fawns. Deer keep on changing their activities even eating habits every season. Deer feeding changes according to their seasonal needs.

Deer in the early summers and late springs prefer to eat fresh leaves and vegetables. The new leaves from the summers are full of proteins and vitamins. This is the time they need this nutrition badly. You will find deer in the pastures, groves, or the places having new leaves.

Feeding Deer in Summers

This is the time of seasonal change for the bucks to grow their antlers and fawns are starting to drop. This is the next phase of the whitetail life cycle. The late spring and early summer eating habits of the deer almost remain the same. The indication for changing the supplements will be supplied by the deer.

Two indications will show you the time to change the eating habits of the deer

  • When you see the fawns emerging in the early summers. You should change the nutritional requirements from springs to summer best deer feeders. Read capsule deer feeder guide and reviews to get the one that not only attracts the deer but also helps you feed them.
  • You will notice a clear difference in the growth rate of the bucks. They show much development in their height.

This is indeed the most important time for proper nutrition. The right summer feed for deer is important for their bucks’ proper growth. And also for the proper recovery from fawning. Leafy vegetables are provided to the deer in summers as they are rich in protein content. They can easily digest the fodder in mild summers. You can add corn to the fodders as well. Corn is added to make the fodder a bit attractive to deer. Then you can eliminate the corn with the severity of temperature. Corn and other grains have vitamins and calcium. Also, add the mineral to their food in extreme summers for excessive supplements. Some people arrange salt lick for the deer in summers to compensate for their mineral needs.

Nutritional Need

The most important nutrition deer feeders should possess in summers

  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorous

Calcium and phosphorus are essential for proper antler growth. In the grains provided to the deer, the ratio of calcium to phosphorus should be 1:1 or 2:1. This ratio will optimize the proper well-being of the antler. Proteins content in these feeders should be 15-22%.

The above-estimated ratio of nutrition is necessary for summers. The seasonal changes they undergo in summers highly include the growth of bucks. Females breastfeed their young ones. They need proper nutrition to restore their energy. Because they are losing their energy and nutrition in this feeding process. She would pass on the same nutrition to their young ones which are restored in their body. Their fur is also nourishing at this moment. So for the better development of bucks, a proper amount of nutrition should be added to their food.

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