Jobs in USA

Whopping 62 percent of jobs don’t support middle-class life after accounting for cost of living

Esther Akutekha the resident of New York, Brooklyn has got a good job as a post for the public relation specialist with the salary of about more than $50,000 per year. But just because she have to pay almost $1440 per month as the rent of her studio apartment, she can never be on vacation and she dines out just once a month and she keeps the dinner leftovers for lunch for her next day. She said that she is now frustrated with this routine of her as she can’t save anything because of her high rent. She is of age thirty and she said that despite of this good salary, she can’t afford to have children.

The unemployment rate in the US has reached 50 year low with the decrease of 3.7 percent but still most of the jobs in US are not in the support of the middle class lifestyle and they can’t anyone better lifestyles leaving a lot of Americans to be struggling. Almost sixty two percent of the jobs are those which come in the category of middle class standard where the factoring is done on two bases, on the cost of living and on the wages in the metro area where most of the jobs are located. These results are concluded by the third way study. The vice president of policy in third way and also the report writer, Jim Kessler said that there is an opportunity crisis in country which explains the economic problems and the uneasiness present in the political environment of the country.  About 52 percent, which concludes majority of the Americans have the middleclass households. The other 20 percent fo the population are included in the upper income households but they are regarded as upper income because they are involved in multiple jobs at one time for example they are highly dependent upon investment chances. The third way have assessed the metro area jobs so deeply evaluating that these jobs are surely going to grant those people good life styles. By those studies and measures, it has been found that the specific areas including North Carolina, Durham, New Jersey and Trenton are ranked to be highest among the total 204 metro areas where there are better jobs and the most of the communities are middle class.


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