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10 reasons why Americans use more smartphones than any other countries

Why is it that Americans Own More Smartphones Than any Other Country?

The use of smartphones across the globe has increased over the years because of feasibility in comparison to the older gadgets. Today, the percentage of all smartphones owned by Americans is more than that of any other country. 81% Americans now own smartphones compared to the 35% calculated in 2011 in the Pew Research Center. In 2018, it is expected that 10% of the worldwide use of smartphones would be by Americans. Why is this so?

10 Reasons Why Americans Use More Smartphones than any Other Countries

1.  A greater percentage of Americans are affluent than other countries

Since smartphones are more of a luxury than a necessity for many, affluence in American households means that more people in America are able to afford them than in other countries. Higher income households are twice as likely as lower income households to own three or more smartphones.

2.  Education system in America encourages the use of internet

The Internet is used around the globe for quick access to information. The Internet can be accessed from mobile phones, computers, laptops etc. but smartphones are portable and an easy-to-carry means of this. Smart phone use is thus encouraged among students, high school students in particular, which contributes to the increased use of smartphones in America. 91% college graduates and 85% college students own smartphones

3.  Smartphones are popular means of entertainment among American youth

The use of smartphones is a significant part of the American youth sub-culture, mainly for entertainment and social media. 

10 reasons why Americans use more smartphones than any other countries

4.  Smartphones are used to upload on social media

Memorable occasions deserve to be remembered and captured. A popular trend among Americans is to post pictures and videos regularly on social media. Smartphones help significantly in this case, providing an easy and accessible camera. This feature has made smartphones popular among many young adults in America and might even be seen as a reason for greater use here than in other countries.

5.  Smartphones are functional

A lot can be done by smartphones and they can be an effective substitute to many other gadgets. It can be seen as a portable computer where files can be stored and there are applications available for nearly all sorts of tasks like online banking.

10 reasons why Americans use more smartphones than any other countries

6.  A third of the households have more than 3 smartphones

The total number of smartphones used in America is calculated to be more than in other countries mainly because the number of smartphones in each household is often more than 3. The greater independence given to teenagers means that it is now not only adults who own smartphones, but also teenagers. 

7.  The percentage of households in the US with smartphones is greater than other countries.

8.  Smartphones are popular because they allow connectivity

Around 90% of the Americans in the age group 18-50 own smartphones. Smartphones, particularly in this group, is a popularly used technology because of the level of connectivity it allows with other people. 

9.  Smartphones are cheaper than other gadgets like computers

Americans make use of smartphones in everyday life more than they use other gadgets. Americans are perhaps the ones who prefer smartphones over other gadgets more than any other country.

10. Smartphones are seen as a status symbol in America, justifying their greater use.


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