PayPal & Asad Umar

Talks to bring PayPal to Pakistan underway: Asad Umar

Asad umar had said that in an addition which he has been doing to bring PayPal in Pakistan, he is also trying something better which is another payment mode that is the AliPay. Asad Umar being the finance minister on Monday has published the reports regarding the impeding entry of the PayPal in the Pakistani marketing. Actually this is the way he trying to chase the payments system online. 

Umar had given his statements in the chamber of commerce and industry situate in Peshawar when he was asked regarding if he or any other federal authority was in real against the expansion of PayPal and its operations in the Pakistani Market.

The finance minister in the answer of the queries of the reporters told them that what they have been told about PayPal is completely wrong.  He added that PayPal neither is stuck into his desk nor in the state bank and not even in any other government institution because the situation here is completely reverse and actually they have been trying to chase PayPal and this issue is tough because the authorities are not directly linked with this issue. 

He added that he knows that this is one of the best and the most fantastic source for the youth’s employment in our country especially for the girls and the boys who work by being at their homes. he said that PayPal being unavailable for this longer span of time is something that is severely having the impact over the online payment system and it is causing a lot of further issues too and this is why the finance minister himself has taken a step by sending the message to the chief executive officer of the PayPal to discuss this issue and to sought it out.

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