masturbating in southwest airline

“I’m disgusted”, says a woman who flew with Southwest recently, after spending her entire flight from Las Vegas to Florida sitting next to a crude passenger who kept watching pornographic content and masturbating the whole time.

USA. 31st. May, 2018: The man allegedly turned on his iPad quickly after Takeoff. In the beginning the woman thought that the pornographic content appeared mistakenly but then realized that the man was actually doing all this on purpose, as he soon began to masturbate. He allegedly masturbated several times and kept watching numerous indecent videos one after the other, without using headphones.

The woman said that she was willing to reach out to someone, but could not. The crude man was sitting on the window side, she herself was sitting in the middle, and on the left, there was a man who remained deeply asleep the entire flight. Moreover, the man allegedly took hold of her right arm with his left arm, and held it in such a strong way that she started to fear that he may physically harm her if she tries speaking out about what was going on.

For this reason, she bought Wi-Fi access and tweeted Southwest about the incident while on-board. The airline replied, saying that she should not hesitate to let the flight attendants know about this inappropriate behavior. She then said that she could not move without putting her own safety at risk, as the misbehaving man was a lot stronger than her. The airline then recommended her to speak to the staff upon landing. And that is what the lady agreed to do, even though she was disappointed that the Southwest team did not take action immediately, in order to put an end to her torture.

The woman also explained that the man was not trying to hide any of his activities or private body parts. She also expressed doubts about the possibility of Southwest staff not noticing what was happening on their flight. Upon landing, the man allegedly got up, patted her on the head, and said that he “hoped she enjoyed the show”.

The woman was offered a voucher for a free dinner after she voiced her complaint to a supervisor, following the suggestions of the crew members upon landing. Currently, Southwest claims that it is investigating the matter, but we do not know whether the company is in contact with the complainant or not.

At 9 a.m. EST on Wednesday, the woman had still not been contacted directly by anyone from Southwest. Southwest stated that their team is “looking into reports” and that they have nothing more to share at this stage.

The woman says that she shared her story on Twitter in order to bring awareness and help other people that may find themselves in such embarrassing and confusing situations. A real change needs to take place in this industry, and such incidents should not happen, the woman wrote on her Twitter account.

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