womans head double in size after allergic reaction to diy hairdye

Recently a woman has spoken put to warn the other woman that she would almost have died because of a severe allergic reaction that is happened to her after the use of DIY hair dye. She is nineteen year old Estelle who is a student from Paris and a number of horrifying photos have been shared by her of herself and her head that has been doubled in size because of the allergic reaction.

She was in a situation where she could just hardly breathe. She said that she had this reaction as she used a DIY home hair kit that contained a chemical naming paraphenylenediamine which is also called as PPD. The chemical is normally found in almost all of the dyes.

DIY Hairdye reaction

She had a conversation with Le Parisien where Estelle said that she had bought a hair dye from a local supermarket and she had applied it simply by reading the instructions mentioned inside the package. However she said that she made a mistake of rather carrying the patch test for 48 hours, she just waited for half an hour and applied the dye simply on her full head. In her statement which she had made to the news, she said that once she applied the hair dye, in no time she started to notice that there’s something wrong as she started feeling tingling and irritation on her scalp.

She said that the things got worse in just no time and once she felt a bit irritation, her scalp had begun to swell. She then took medical advice from a pharmacist and later on she took some antihistamines and applied a cream as a treatment before she goes to bed. She said that when she woke up the next day after taking the medicine her situation was even worse and her head was more swollen.





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