A woman went through a terrifying moment when her phone burst into flames a few inches away. When the explosion occurred, the woman was on her way towards the motorway in Shanghai. According to the claim made by her husband, they got their iPhone 6 repaired from a local shop. As stated by him, an unofficial Apple battery was fitted into the phone by the technician. In China, the woman suffered from a shocking and a frightful moment when her phone exploded only a few inches away from her. There’s a footage available that showed how the woman screamed in fright after the phone burst into flames on the car’s dashboard while she was driving.

It was an iPhone 6 whose battery exploded and burst into flames. The reason accounted for this accident was the repair of the phone from the local store where the technician had put the unofficial battery inside the phone. Similar cases that have occurred in the past were also due to the peripheral damage, unofficial repair, or the third party cables. The accident occurred last Wednesday in the morning time when the woman was driving on the motorway in Shanghai.

Another claim that the woman’s husband, named Mr. Jiang, made while talking to the viral video site of China called Pear Video that the phone wasn’t being used when it burst. According to him, they were aware regarding the phone not having the original Apple battery. The local shop they went to for getting the phone repaired was known as Ji Hou Hou. They went there in February so that the phone’s battery can be replaced. Jiang said that the technician put the unauthorized iPhone battery in place of the old one, and it was the new one that exploded.

No injury took place but it was a frightening moment, according to the woman’s husband, Mr. Jiang. Apple.com says that the Ji Hou Hou shop which was also called Ho Ho Fast is not one of those shops who are authorized to get the iPhones repaired in Shanghai. On the website of that local store, the company has made a claim that they possess around sixty-four technicians who can mend Macbooks, iPhones, and iPads. It takes 11 pounds or 99 yuan to get an iPhone 6 battery substituted at Ji Hou Hou. The shop has itself admitted that the accident has taken place due to the battery and they have taken it back for more repairing.  

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