1 TB Card

Science Has FINALLY Brought us the World’s First 1TB SD Memory Card

This is really an awe-inspiring storage which man could never have thought in his life which is now presented for everyone in the form of Lexar 1TB 633x UHS-I SD card and this is really a great revolution where the great minds of science with the help of their technological knowledge have brought a 1TB SD memory card for us and this card has been developed after the research and development of decades to know that how this so much amount of memory could be packed in such a tiny thing.

Now, we have reached into a really revolutionary capacity of this newly developed SD card while the first has been invented 20 years back from now.

This is again in time where the SD cards are still use to write 4k records where they are used in the digital cameras and in the news of new 8k barriers which are now been into considerations to be broken out later or sooner than later. Now luckily the brave scientists at Lexar have unveiled their struggle in the form of professional SDXC card that contains 1TB Bl space which is a great revolution.

This is the world’s first 1TB SD card which has been show cased just a few months ago and there is an added statement by the officials of Lexar regarding this SD card in which they said that record and shoot whatever you may like and the best part is that now you also don’t need to change the cards to get more capacity as this is a 1TB memory card which will provide you with a lot of space which you have always been wanting to capture everything.

This is basically designed for them mid-ranged DSL, HD cameras or the 3D cameras which lets you capture quickly and high quality photos could be transferred fast.  Well that’s really a revolution in terms of technology and it is really going to enhance the efficiency of the professionals as they can have more pictures in a single SD card.




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