worlds first IVF baby

‘I helped deliver world’s first IVF baby’

40 years ago the first fertility child was born using the IVF technique and today after so many years one of the fertility professionals who is now a retired doctor talks about being the helping hand in delivering the first IVF child.

Louise Brown was the first IVF child born in July of 1978, John Webster the fertility expert consider this event as more significant than the man who first landed on the moon.

Webster says that the first IVF child born was like a miracle came to life weighing 5lb and 12oz, this miracle child has been in headlines around the world even after forty years.

The 12 years of continuing research and the birth of Louise Brown gave great recognition to two British men and one British woman who was able to design a life with science in a petri dish which gave hope to many childless couples. This miracle took place at the Kershaw cottage hospital

Louise Brown is now 40 years old and she says that she feels very privileged about being the first IVF child. She says that’ it feels really great to think that all this started with mom and dad, Bob and Patrick. And also it is great how everyone kept doing the work and has been able to help so many people. I and millions of other people wouldn’t be here without the experts and their hard.

It was totally an egalitarian decision to choose Browns who are the working class people to be chosen for the IVF treatment.

They were not elected on the basis of some biases, they were the next couple on the list of IVF treatment, and surprisingly it was the Brown’s embryo which was able to gain first success for the IVF team.

If you see today the IVF is considered as a routine procedure for childless couples whereas back then it was an extraordinary event.

Natalie in 1999 was the first child born after the IVF conception and was able to give birth to a daughter without the IVF. Louise had her first son born without the IVF on Dec 2006 that also without the IVF conception, which means IVF child, was able to give a natural birth to a child later in her life.

Louise says that it all started with her and now there are six million IVF babies, and she was just the beginning of all the miracle babies alive today.



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