Mother and husband who repeatedly raped young son, 10, and sold him for sex on the internet for more than two years are jailed in Germany

Berrin Taha and Christian Lais are of age 48 and 39 respectively, and they both sold a boy for sex for thousands. They traded him on the dark web. Before buying him, they also assaulted him at their home in Germany. They raped the boy from the year 2015 May till 2017 August. But now both of them are in jail for their conduct. Taha is jailed for 12 and half years while Lais is in prison for 12 years. The victim boy is now kept in foster care, and he is supposed to be recovered soon. Taha and Lais were parents of that boy, and they repeatedly conducted the rape of their young son. They first raped him for two years, and then they sold him over the internet for sex.  Lais is the stepfather of the boy. Lais and Taha both pimped the young boy for money over the internet, and the boy is now of age 10. They raped him repeatedly for almost two years.

They had their home in Staufen. They both admitted their crimes in the court and then Taha and Lais jailed for 12 and a half and 12 years respectively. According to the lawyer, the boy is kept under foster care, and he is doing well and is considered to recover. Lais also had a case before this, and he was convicted of child abuse before this case. He was the stepfather of the child, and logically he must not be allowed to live with a child after having such a case before. This situation raised so many questions. Taha, the mother of the child, said in the court that she just helped Lais in the rape conduct to please him but she sold his child for the sake of money. S

he admitted that she raped her child for over two years just for the sake of his husband’s pleasure and later on they both sold him to gain some money. The culprit couple was convicted of sexually assaulting children, distribution of children pornography and rape conduct. Not only the boy but had they also done almost the same to a girl. Both of them were ordered by the court to pay a sum of 38,000 for the damages they’ve caused to the body and another victim girl.

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