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Are you ready to say good bye to ‘you’re the worst?’ if not, you better grab a drink and be prepared to do it.

The FXX iconic comedy series had a big Monday as there was a premiere date and the release of the first trailer for its fifth season, labelled as the final in the series.

And for the fans, there should not be anything to worry about. Jimmy and Gretchen are about to get married but this does not mean that they have become mature enough to stop having sex at the possible wedding venues or they won’t enjoy anymore at the bidet.

“We have the best love story,” says Jimmy, “because ours is ugly and uncomfortable.”

You’re the Worst 2018 Trailer

The series, You’re the Worst, belongs to the romantic comedy genre where you have the narcissist Jimmy Shive Overly and the stubborn cynic in the form of Gretchen Cutler. The former possesses thoughts about relationship as they are doomed from the start whereas the latter is sure that amorous bonds are not meant for her. As they both meet at a wedding, a huge change is brought to their life as they fall for each other on their way to home.

In the seasons we saw, the couple goes through a ton of emotions and feelings, from fear to heart break to much more, but end up being great partners. Though they are somehow untraditional couple, still the fans seem to have warm feelings for them.

However, the most tough time was to see the couple breaking up and getting involved with other individuals, trying to stare away from each other as the emotions keep them pulling back together.

Now, with the couple set to get married, you can’t really expect much to change between the two.


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