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In an incident which happens to be pretty unfortunate and interesting, YouTube went down on Tuesday and the site for YouTube Music and YouTube TV was unusable for almost an hour. Who would have thought about living without YouTube in this era?

Well, the authorities at the job are doing everything they can to make up for the inconvenience as they make an attempt to compensate the 1 hours of going down by providing individuals with credit of up to one week which is given to all the YouTube TV customers.

If you are a person who uses the YouTube TV, you would have received an email from the company. In the email, there is a form for the individuals who are the subscribers of YouTube TV and it gives you a chance to access the $10 credit. Using this, you are able to watch the YouTube TV for a whole week. Considering the form and its filling, there aren’t much of the details you are required to put forward, with the most important being your YouTube TV account email address on which you use it.

As for the YouTube TV, it went down and this led to users missing out on some crucial moments and games. While the service was down, many users missed watching the opener for the NBA season which is a must watch game for almost all the NBA fans considering that it marks the beginning of it.

This is not the first time YouTube TV services were not working. The similar issue was faced by the users back in the July of this year when the individuals failed to access the service. It led to users missing out on the World Cup matches. Similar compensation was offered to users at the time as it is being offered right now.

But it was not only the YouTube TV that got affected by the outage. The YouTube Music was also a service that suffered and individuals who had to use it was unable to benefit from the service, causing inconvenience among the subscribers and the community. However, no compensation is yet announced for the users of YouTube Music while the TV subscribers are getting a free week. But there are still chances that the YouTube Music followers might also receive such compensation, allowing you to use the service for an extended week using the free credit.


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