Youtuber Arrested for disney prank

Dillon Burch a YouTuber, on 21 May, during midnight spread panic and horror at Disney’ Contemporary Resort by telling everybody there are a lockdown and an active shooter.

USA. 1st. June, 2018: In one of the most amazing and happy places where thousands of people come for enjoyment and vacation faces a dreadful situation when a 22-year-old young man from Arizona warned everybody about a shooter in Disney World. But this was all part of his social experiment plan for his YouTube channel. But this act proved to be an irresponsible act as it disturbed the public peace and created a lot of horror among the people.

This being a prank was able to cause enough mass hysteria and led to arrest of Dillon Burch. The authorities showed no tolerance to such nonsense and immediately took actions against his prank. It was definitely made sure that no one in future would dare to do such pranks.

According to the report, Dillon started to alert people about this false threat from the bus station until he reached the manager of the hotel Erin Taylor. When Dillon broke the new to Taylor, he started to worry and panic a lot. Dillon did inform him that it was only a prank and did it for a social experiment for his channel to see people’s reaction. But you can lucky one and not always. When Dillon proceeded towards the next manager, he certainly had to face the consequences.

The Dillon faced another manager Jose Castillo who did not take this prank lightly. Although the young YouTuber changed his statement that this was for his ” school project” but Jose made sure that this act of irresponsibility did not go ignored.  So Dillon was told that he will face the authorities. Jose Castillo took immediate actions against such action made by Dillon.

Dillon being scared for obvious reason, escaped Jose Castillo and hid across parking in bushes inside hotel premises. Orange County sheriff’s deputy reached the site, a without much drama Dillon came out and confronted the deputy and surrendered. The Law enforcement officials searched him and found a pack of beers from and said that he must be intoxicated due to which he did such absurd act.

The resort was put on lockdown due to such rumor so that full security could be thoroughly checked and made sure there was nothing serious. Dillon was thrown out of his room, which he had booked in the resort and also Dillon has been banned from all Walt Disney properties for a lifetime.

On May 22 Dillon attended the court for his action. He was proved guilty of causing public disorder and violation of public peace and also for intoxication. Dillon denied none of these and submitted himself to the law.

This proves that people should act with responsibility and maturely. Just for some likes, shares and subscribes on our social media sites, we should not go beyond limits. Or it can result in situations which are not pleasant and hard to escape.

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